Nickel 2000
The Major Nickel Deposits of the World
May-June 2000

During May-June 2000 Porter GeoConsultancy conducted a tour for more than 40 geologists from around the globe, visiting the World's classic lateritic and magmatic sulphide nickel deposits in Australia, the SW Pacific, South America, Caribbean, Canada, Russia and China, supported by workshops/seminars led by international experts.

Tour Outline  -and-  Photo Album
Review article in AusIMM Bulletin
Descriptions of Deposits visited, for:
Module 1 - Australasia
Part A - Yilgarn Sulphides & Laterites
Part B - South-west Pacific Laterites
Module 2 - The Americas
Part A - Caribbean Laterites
Part B - Canadian Sulphides
Module 3 - EurasiaEurasian Sulphides
Literature Collection references:
Volume 1 - Archaean Terranes Volume 3 - Canada
Volume 2 - Tropical Laterites Volume 4 - Eurasia
Tour Organisation - where, when & what ?
Noril'sk Nickel Mines
Image: Noril'sk Nickel Mines at Talnakh.
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