Africa-B 2001
Mineral Deposits of Southern & Central Africa
10 June - 5 July 2001

During June-July 2001 Porter GeoConsultancy conducted a tour of the major sediment hosted Cu-Co and Zn-Pb-Ag deposits of southern and Central Africa, in Zambia, Namibia and South Africa, and the PGE, Cr, Ni and Cu ores of the Bushveld Complex and associated intrusions. These visits were supported by workshops/seminars led by international experts.

Photo Album - who went and what they saw
Tour Outline
Ore Deposit Descriptions:
Module 1 - Proterozoic Cu, Zn & Pb:
Part A - Zambian Copper Belt Cu-Co.
Part B - Zn, Pb & Cu in South Africa & Namibia.
Module 2 - Mafic Intrusion Related PGE, Cr,
V, Ni & Cu in Southern Africa.
Tour Organisation - where, when and what ?
Literature Collection references for:
Volume 1 - Zambian Copper Belt
Volume 2 - Namaqua & Gariep Complexes
Volume 3 - Bushveld & Satellite Complexes
Bushveld layered anorthosite
Image: Bushveld layered anorthosite.
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