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Tethyan 2008
Gold & Copper in the Western Tethyan Belt
22 September  to  2 October 2008
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Andean Porphyries
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  • The Alpine-Carpathian-Dinaridic orogenic system: correlation and evolution of tectonic units: Schmid S M, Bernoulli D, Fugenschuh B, Matenco L, Schefer S, Schuster R, Tischler M and Ustaszewski K - 2008, in Swiss J. Geosci., v101 pp 139-183.
  • The Carpatho-Balkanides and adjacent area: a sector of the Tethyan Eurasian metallogenic belt: Jankovic S - 1997, in Mineralium Deposita, v32, pp 426-433.
  • Regional setting and geochronology of the Late Cretaceous Banatitic Magmatic and Metallogenetic Belt: Ciobanu C L, Cook N J and Stein H - 2002, in Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 541-567.
  • Cu - Au - Pb - Zn - Ag metallogeny of the Alpine - Balkan - Carpathian - Dinaride geodynamic province: Heinrich C A, Neubauer F - 2002, in Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 533-540.
  • Tectonic configuration of the Apuseni-Banat-Timok-Srednogorie belt, Balkans-South Carpathians, constrained by high precision Re - Os molybdenite ages: Zimmerman A, Stein H J, Hannah J L, Kozelj D, Bogdanov K and Berza T - 2008, in Mineralium Deposita, v43, pp 1-21.
  • Refined tuning of porphyry copper formation in the Serbian and Bulgarian portions of the Cretaceous Cararpatho-Balkan Belt; Lips, A., Herrington, R., Stein, G., Kozelj, D., Popov, K. and Wijbrans, J. - 2004, in Economic Geology, v. 99, pp. 601-609.
  • Upper Cretaceous magmatic evolution and related Cu-Au mineralization in Bulgaria and Serbia; von Quadt A, Peytcheva I, Heinrich C A, Cvetkovic V and Banjesevic M - 2007, in Andrew, C. et al., (eds). Digging deeper. Proceedings of the Ninth Biennial SGA Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, 20-23 August, 2007, pp 861-864.
  • Magmatism and metallogeny of the Ridanj-Krepoljin belt (eastern Serbia) and their correlation with northern and eastern analogues: Karamata, S., Knezevic, V. Pecskay, Z. and Djordjevic, M. - 1997, in Mineralium Deposita, v32, pp 452-458.
  • Late Cretaceous Cu-Au epithermal deposits of the Panagyurishte district, Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria: Moritz R, Kouzmanov K and Petrunov R - 2004, in Schweizerische Mineralogische und Petrographische Mitteilungen, v84, pp 79-99.
Chelopech * - Bulgaria
  • Morphogenesis and composition of native Gold in the Chelopech Volcanic-hosted Au-Cu epithermal deposit, Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria: Bonev I K, Kerestedjian T, Atanassova R, Andrew C J - 2002, in Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 614-629.
  • The Chelopech high-sulphidation epithermal Cu-Au deposit: Moritz R, Chambefort I, Georgieva S, Jacquata S and Petrunov R - 2005, in Ore Geology Reviews, v27, pp 130-131.
  • Late Cretaceous structural control and Alpine overprint of the high-sulfidation Cu-Au epithermal Chelopech deposit, Srednogorie belt, Bulgaria: Chambefort I and Moritz R - 2006, in Mineralium Deposita, v41, pp 259-280.
  • Petrology, geochemistry and U-Pb geochronology of magmatic rocks from the high-sulfidation epithermal Au-Cu Chelopech deposit, Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria: Chambefort I, Moritz R and von Quadt A - 2007, in Mineralium Deposita, v42, pp 665-690.
Assarel-Medet * & Elatsite - Bulgaria
  • Porphyry-Copper mineralisation in the central Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria: Strashimirov S, Petrunov R, Kanazirski M - 2002, in Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 587-598.
  • Precious-metal distribution and fluid-inclusion petrography of the Elatsite porphyry copper deposit, Bulgaria: Tarkian M, Hunken U, Tokmakchieva M, Bogdanov K - 2003, in Mineralium Deposita, v38, pp 261-281.
  • Geochronology and geodynamics of Late Cretaceous magmatism and Cu-Au mineralization in the Panagyurishte region of the Apuseni-Banat-Timok-Srednogorie belt, Bulgaria: von Quadt A , Moritz R, Peytcheva I and Heinrich C A - 2005, in Ore Geology Reviews, v27, pp 95-126.
  • The Elatsite porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Bulgaria: von Quadt A, Peytcheva I, Fangera L and Heinrich C - 2005, in Ore Geology Reviews, v27, pp 128-129.
Bor *, Veliki Krivelj * & Majdanpek - Serbia
  • The Bor and Majdanpek copper-gold deposits in the context of the Bor Metallogenic Zone: Herrington R, Jankovic S and Kozelj D - 1998, in Porter, T.M. (Ed), 1998 - Porphyry and Hydrothermal Copper and Gold Deposits - A Global Perspective, PGC Publishing, Adelaide, pp 185-194.
  • 40Ar- 39Ar age data for andesitic magmatism and hydrothermal activity in the Timok Massif, eastern Serbia: implications for metallogenetic relationships in the Bor copper-gold subprovince: Clark A H and Ullrich T D - 2004 in Mineralium Deposita, v39, pp 256-262.
  • The Majdanpek Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit of Eastern Serbia: A Review: Armstong R, Kozelj D and Herrington R - 2005, in Porter, T.M. (Ed), 2005 - Super Porphyry Copper & Gold Deposits - A Global Perspective PGC Publishing, Adelaide, v. 2, pp. 453-466.
Rosia Montana * - Romania
  • Magmatic Fluids in the Breccia-Hosted Epithermal Au-Ag Deposit of Rosia Montana, Romania: Wallier S, Rey R, Kouzmanov K, Pettke T, Heinrich C A, Leary S, O Connor G, Tamas C G, Vennemann T and Ullrich T - 2006, in Economic Geology, v101 pp 923-954.
  • Rosia Montana, Romania: Europes largest gold deposit: Manske S L, Hedenquist J W, OConnor G, Tamas C, Cauuet B, Leary S and Minut A - 2006 in SEG Newsletter, no. 64, pp 1, 9-15.
Skouries * - Greece
  • Platinum-group element and Gold contents in the Skouries Porphyry Copper deposit, Chalkidiki Peninsula, northern Greece: Eliopoulos D G, Economou-Eliopoulos M - 1991, in Economic Geology, v86, pp 740-749.
  • Evolution of mineralizing fluid in the Porphyry Copper system of the Skouries deposit, northeast Chalkidiki (Greece): evidence from combined Pb-Sr and stable isotope data: Frei R - 1995, in Economic Geology, v90, pp 746-762.
  • Skouries porphyry copper/gold deposit, Chalkidiki, Greece: Setting, mineralisation and resources: Tobey E, Schneider A, Alegria A, Olcay L, Perantonis G, Quiroga J - 1998, in Porter, T.M. (Ed), 1998 - Porphyry and Hydrothermal Copper and Gold Deposits - A Global Perspective, PGC Publishing, Adelaide, pp 175-184.
  • Palladium, platinum and gold concentration in porphyry copper systems of Greece and their genetic significance: Economou-Eliopoulos M and Eliopoulos D G - 2000, in Ore Geology Reviews, v16, pp 59-70.
  • Petrology and geochemistry of the shoshonite-hosted Skouries porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Chalkidiki, Greece: Kroll T, Muller D, Seifert T, Herzig P M andSchneider A - 2002, in Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 137-144.
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