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Super Porphyry 2003-04
The Super Porphyry Cu/Au Deposits of the World
October 2003 & April-May 2004
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MODULE 1 - South America

  • The Tour - Geological Summaries of the deposits and regions to be visited.
  • The Andes of Chile and Argentina;   Mpodozis C, Ramos V, - 1989, in Ericksen G E, Canas Pinochet M T, Reinemund J A (Eds), 1989, Geology of the Andes and its Relation to Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources Houston, Texas, Circum-Pacific Council for Energy and Mineral resources Earth Science Series, v11 pp 59-90
  • Gold and copper metallogeny of the Central Andes - past, present and future exploration objectives: SEG Distinguished Lecture;   Sillitoe R H - 1992,   in   Econ. Geol, v87 pp 2205-2216.
Andean Traverse
  • Inversion of an Oligocene volcano-tectonic basin and uplifting of its superimposed Miocene magmatic arc in the Chilean Central Andes: first seismic and gravity evidences;   Godoy E, Yanez G, Vera E - 1999, in Tectonophysics,v306 pp 217-236.
  • The control of pre-existing extensional structures on the evolution of the southern sector of the Aconcagua fold and thrust belt, southern Andes;   Giambiagi L B, Alvarez P P, Godoy E, Ramos V A, - 2003,   in Tectonophysic,, v369 pp 1-19.
Los Bronces
  • The Donoso Copper-rich, Tourmaline-bearing breccia pipe in central Chile: petrologic, fluid inclusion and stable isotope evidence for an origin from magmatic fluids;   Skewes M A, Holmgren C, Stern C R, - 2003,   in Mineralium Deposita,, v38 pp 2-21.
  • Immiscibility and continuous felsic melt-fluid evolution within the Rio Blanco Porphyry System, Chile: Evidence from inclusions in magmatic quartz;   Davidson P, Kamenetsky V S, - 2001,   in Econ. Geol., v96 pp 1921-1929.
  • The late Miocene to early Pliocene Rio Blanco-Los Bronces copper deposit, Central Chilean Andes;   Serrano L, Vargas R, Stambuk V, Aguilar C, Galeb M, Holmgren C, Contreras A, Godoy S, Vela I, Skewes M A, Stern C R, - 1996,   in   Camus F, Sillitoe R H, Petersen R (Eds), 1996, Andean Copper Deposits: New Discoveries, Minerlisation, Styles and Metallogeny, Soc. Econ. Geologists, Spec. Publ. No. 5 pp 119-130.
  • Porphyry Copper and Tourmaline Breccias at Los Bronces-Rio Blanco, Chile;   Warnaars F W, Holmgren-D C, Barassi-F S - 1985,   in Econ. Geol., v80 pp 1544-1565.
Los Pelambres
  • Geology and mineral zoning of the Los Pelambres porphyry copper deposit, Chile;   Atkinson W W, Souviron A, Vehre T I, Faunes G. A, - 1996,   in   Camus F, Sillitoe R H, Petersen R, (Eds), 1996, Andean Copper Deposits: New Discoveries, mineralization, Styles and Metallogeny, Soc. Econ. Geologists,Spec Pub No. 5, pp 131-156.
El Teniente
  • The giant El Teniente breccia deposit: Hypogene copper distribution and emplacement;   Skewes M A, Arevalo A, Floody R, Zuniga P H, - 2002,  in,  Goldfarb R J, Nielsen R L, (Eds), 2002 Integrated Methods for Discovery: Global Exploration in the 21st Century, Soc of Econ. Geologists, Denver, Spec. Publ. No. 9 pp 299-332.
  • Geologic evolution of the Escondida Area, Northern Chile: A model for spatial and temporal localization of Porphyry Cu Mineralization;   Richards J P, Boyce A J, Pringle M S, - 2001,   in   Econ. Geol., v96 pp 271-305.
  • Geology of the Escondida porphyry copper deposit, Antofagasta Region, Chile;   Padilla Garza R A, Titley S R, Pimental F, - 2001,   in   Econ. Geol., v96 pp 307-324.
  • Discovery of the Escondida porphyry copper deposit in the Antofagasta Region, Northern Chile, March 1981;   Ortiz F J, - 1995,   in   Pierce F W, Bolm J G (Eds), 1995, Porphyry Copper Deposits of the American Cordillera, Arizona Geol. Soc Digest 20 pp 613-624.
  • Geology of the Chuquicamata Mine: A progress report;   Ossandon C G, Freraut C R, Gustafson L B, Lindsay D D, Zentilli M, - 2001,   in   Econ. Geol, v96 pp 249-270.
  • Oxide mineralization of the Radomira Tomic porphyry copper deposit, Northern Chile;   Cuadra C, P, Rojas S, G, - 2001,   in   Econ. Geol., pp 387-400.
  • Atacamite inclusions in rock-forming feldspars and copper-bearing smectites from the Radomiro Tomic Mine, Chile: Copper-insoluble mineral occurrences;   Brimhall G H, Levi B, Nystrom J O, Tidy F. E, - 2001,   in   Econ. Geol., v96 pp 401-420.
  • Spence copper porphyry, geology of the deposit;   Tapia M - 2003, ProExplo 2003 Conference Abstract,, 1p.
El Salvador
  • The porphyry copper deposit at El Salvador, Chile;   Gustafson L B, Hunt J P, - 1975,   in   Econ. Geol., v70 pp 857-912.
  • Multiple centers of mineralization in the Indio Muerto District, El Salvador, Chile;   Gustafson L B, Orquera W, McWilliams M, Castro M, Olivares O, Rojas G, Maluenda J, Mendez M, - 2001,   in   Econ. Geol.,v96 pp 325-350.
  • Chronology of exotic mineralization at El Salvador, Chile, by 40Ar/39Ar dating of copper wad and supergene alunite;   Mote T I, Becker T A, Renne P, Brimhall G H, - 2001,  in  Econ. Geol., v96 pp 351-366.
  • Mineralogic and stable isotope zonation at the surface over the El Salvador Porphyry Copper Deposit, Chile;   Watanabe Y, Hedenquist J W, - 2001,   in   Econ. Geol., v96 pp 1775-1797.
  • Geology of the Ujina and Rosario copper porphyry deposits, Collahuasi District, Chile;   Bisso B. C, Duran M, Gonzales A. A, - 1998,   in   Porter T M, 1998 Porphyry and Hydrothermal Copper and Gold deposits: A Global Perspective, PGC Publishing, Adelaide, Australia,pp 133-148.
Caujone (& Toquepala)
  • Prospeccion, exploracion y desarrolla del yacimiento de Cuajone (Language: Spanish);   Concha O, Valle J, - 1999,   in   ProExplo 1999 Proceedings, pp 117-143.
  • Exploracion, geologia y desarrollo del yacimiento Toquepala (Language: Spanish);   Mattos R, Valle J, - 1999,   in   ProExplo 1999 Proceeding, pp 101-116.
  • The geology of the Antamina copper-zinc skarn deposit, Peru;   Redwood S D, - 1999,  in  The Gangue, GAC-MDD, Canada, Issue 1, 3, 4-7.
  • Yacimiento polimetalico de Antamina: Historia, exploracion y geologia (Language: Spanish);   O Connor K, - 1999,  in  ProExplo 1999 Proceeding, pp 231-243.
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