An AMF-PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Pacific Gold '99
Major Gold Deposits of the Western Pacific
September, 1999
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This joint tour, supported by the Geological Society of South Africa, the Mineral Deposits Division of the Geological Association of Canada, ADIMB (Brazil) and the Australian Mineral Foundation, was managed by PGC on behalf of all parties.

Image: The clue to bigger things - Indonesia.  

[Looking for gold in Indonesia] This International Study Tour continued a series of courses presented and managed by Porter GeoConsultancy in association with the Australian Mineral Foundation. It was planned to provide a unique opportunity to visit a selection of the world's greatest gold deposits, representing each of the different styles of major gold orebodies found in an orogenic domain around the Pacific Ocean.

The tour, as initially planned, was divided into three separate modules, each of 9 to 16 days that could be taken individually, or in any combination.

NOTE:   The collapse of the price of gold after the tour was arranged forced many companies to rethink their training program. As a consequence, Modules 2 and 3 were cancelled. Although interest was strong for both, numbers were just below that required for viability.

Module 1 Part A and Part B  DID  proceed as planned.   Both were fully subscribed.

MODULE 1,   WESTERN PACIFIC - 16 days, from 12 to 28 September, 1999

  • Lihir, Porphyry-low sulphidation transition Au - Papua New Guinea
  • Porgera, Porphyry Au-Ag - Papua New Guinea
  • Grasberg, Porphyry Au-Cu, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
  • Kucing Liar-Big Gossan (Ertsberg Mineral District), Skarn Au-Cu, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
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  • Mesel, Sediment hosted Au, Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Lepanto - Far South east - Victoria, High sulphidation - porphyry - low sulphidation Au-Cu, Luzon, Philippines
  • Baguio City Gold District Field Workshop, Luzon, Philippines.
  • Hishikari, Low sulphidation Au, Kyushu, Japan.
  • Kyushu Volcanic District Field Workshop, Japan.

The remainder of the planned tour comprised:

MODULE 2,   WESTERN NORTH AMERICA - 9 days, from 30 Sept to 9 Oct, 1999
  • Fort Knox, Porphyry Au - Alaska, USA
  • Golden Sunlight, Breccia pipe Au - Montana, USA
  • Gold Quarry, Sediment-hosted micron Au - Nevada, USA
  • Carlin, Sediment-hosted micron Au - Nevada, USA
  • Betze/Post (Goldstrike), Sediment-hosted micron Au - Nevada, USA
  • Meikle, Sediment-hosted micron Au - Nevada, USA
  • Twin Creeks, Sediment-hosted micron Au - Nevada, USA
  • Phoenix-Fortitude (Battle Mountain), Skarn Au - Nevada, USA
  • Round Mountain, Low sulphidation, adularia flooded Au - Nevada, USA
  • Overview Workshop, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
MODULE 3,   ANDEAN SOUTH AMERICA - 12 days, from 12 to 24 October, 1999
  • Yanacocha, High sulphidation Au - Peru
  • Pierina, High sulphidation Au - Peru
  • Andacollo, Low sulphidation manto Au - Coast Ranges, Chile
  • El Indio & Pascua, High sulphidation Au-(Cu) - El Indio Belt, Chile
  • Candelaria, Skarn Au-Cu - Coast Ranges, Chile
  • Refugio, Porphyry Au - Maricunga Belt, Chile
  • La Coipa, High sulphidation Au-Ag - Maricunga Belt, Chile
  • Overview Workshop, Santiago, Chile

While the primary focus of the tour was geological, attention is also devoted to the mining, metallurgical and economic aspects of each operation.

Workshops & expert guides - In addition to the mine tours, there were workshops, some field based, as outlined above, presented by local and internationally known experts. These were designed to provide an overview of the regional tectonic, geological and metallogenic setting of the regions and deposits visited. A expert, foreign language-English speaking geological consultants will accompanied the group where english was not spoken by the mine technical staff.
Exposure to international experience - The participants were from around the world. They brought a breadth of international experience to the tour to broaden and enrich the discussion and hence enhance the tour
Maximum impact, minimum time - In recognition of the value of the time of key staff, the duration of the tour has been kept to a minimum. It has also been split into three modules, so that you may pick that section in which you are most interested, or alternatively expose different staff members that you can only spare for a shorter period. Participants may take one, two or all three modules. The itinerary, while concentrated and compact, has essential rest days within and between each module, to avoid fatigue and saturation.
All mine visits, workshops, surface and air travel, and accommodation on tour are arranged by the PGC.

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This was another of the International Study Tours designed, developed, organised and escorted by T M (Mike) Porter of Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd (PGC) in joint venture with the Australian Mineral Foundation (AMF).  While the reputation and support of the AMF contributed to the establishment of the tours, after it ceased trading at the end of 2001, PGC has continued to develop, organise and manage the tour series.

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