Another PGC International Study Tour
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Orient Gold 2007
Gold Deposits of the Orient
7 to 21 October 2007
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  • The Tour - Geological Summaries of the deposits and regions to be visited.
  • Tectonics and distribution of gold deposits in China - an overview: Taihe Zhou, Goldfarb R J and Phillips G N - 2002, Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 249-282.
  • Copper and Gold Potential in the Yanshanian Volcanoplutonic Belt, Eastern China: Kaihui Yang - 1998, The Gangue, GAC Mineral Deposits Division, Issue 57, Jan 1998, 4 p (extract).
Shandong Peninsula - Eastern China *
  • Nature, age, and tectonic setting of granitoid-hosted, orogenic gold deposits of the Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern North China craton, China: Yumin Qiu, Groves D I, McNaughton N J, Liang-gen Wang and Taihe Zhou - 2002, Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 283-305.
  • Mesozoic Gold Deposits in the Eastern Shandong Peninsula, P. R. China – Preliminary Geology, Geochemistry and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics: Yao Y, Robb L J, Anhaeusser C R, Ying H L, Liu B G and Tu G Z - 2002, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Economic Geology Research Institute Information Circular No.361, 15p.
  • Constraints on crustal evolution and gold metallogeny in the Northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula, China, from SHRIMP U-Pb zircon studies of granitoids: Wang L G, Qiu Y M, McNaughton N J, Groves D I, Luo Z K, Huang J Z, Miao L C and Liu Y K - 1998, Ore Geology Reviews, v13, pp 275-291.
  • Geology and timing of mineralization at the Cangshang gold deposit, north-western Jiaodong Peninsula, China: Xiao ou Zhang, Cawood P A, Wilde S A, Ruqi Liu, Hailin Song, Wen Li, Snee L W - 2003, Mineralium Deposita, v38, pp 141-153.
  • Ore-forming fluids associated with granite-hosted gold mineralization at the Sanshandao deposit, Jiaodong gold province, China: Hong Rui Fan, Ming Guo Zhai, Yi Han Xie - 2003, Mineralium Deposita, v38, pp 739-750.
  • Tectonics, granitoids and mesozoic gold deposits in East Shandong, China: Taihe Zhou and Guxian Lu - 2000, Ore Geology Reviews, v16, pp 71-90.
  • Geochronology of the Pengjiakuang and Rushan Gold Deposits, Eastern Jiaodong Gold Province, Northeastern China: Implications for Regional Mineralization and Geodynamic Setting: Jian-Wei L, Vasconcelos P, Mei-Fu Z, Xin-Fu Z and Chang-Qian M - 2006, Economic Geology, v101, pp 1023-1038.
  • Fluid evolution in the Rushan lode gold deposit of Jiaodong Peninsula, eastern China: Fang Fang Hu, Hong Rui Fan, Ming Guo Zhai and Cheng Wei Jin - 2006, J. of Geochemical Exploration, v89, pp 161-164.
North-eastern China *
  • A review of the geodynamic setting of large-scale Late Mesozoic gold mineralization in the North China Craton: an association with lithospheric thinning: Jin-Hui Yang, Fu-Yuan Wu, Wilde S A, - 2003, Ore Geology Reviews, v23, 125-152.
  • Gold deposits of the northern margin of the North China Craton: multiple late Paleozoic-Mesozoic mineralizing events: Hart C J, Goldfarb R J, Yumin Qiu, Snee L, Miller L G and Miller M, - 2002, Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 326-351.
  • Geology, geochronology, and tectonic setting of the Jiapigou gold deposits, southern Jilin Province, China: Laicheng Miao, Yumin Qiu, Weiming Fan, Fuqin Zhang and Mingguo Zhai, - 2005, Ore Geology Reviews, v26, pp 137-165.
Central China *
  • Fluid inclusion characteristics of mesothermal gold deposits in the Xiaoqinling district, Shaanxi and Henan Provinces, Peoples Republic of China: Jiang Neng, Xu Jiuhua, Song Mianxin - 1999, Mineralium Deposita, v34, pp 150-162.
  • Gold deposits in the Xiaoqinling-Xiongershan region, Qinling Mountains, central China: Jingwen Mao, Goldfarb R J, Zhengwei Zhang, Wenyi Xu, Yumin Qiu and Jun Deng - 2002, Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 306-325.
  • Geology, distribution, and classification of gold deposits in the western Qinling belt, central China: Jingwen Mao, Yumin Qiu, Goldfarb R J, Zhaochong Zhang, Garwin S and Ren Fengshou - 2002, Mineralium Deposita, v37, pp 352-377.
  • Mineralogical, fluid inclusion and stable isotope study of Wenyu-Dongchuang gold deposits in the Xiaoqinling Mt. area, west Henan, China: Jiuhua Xu, Yuling Xie, Neng Jiang, Fenglei Bei - 1998, Exploration & Mining Geology, CIM, v7, pp 321-332.
Zijinshan * - South-eastern China
  • Alteration-mineralization zoning and fluid inclusions of the high Sulfidation epithermal Cu-Au mineralisation at Zijinshan, Fujian Province, China: Chil-Sup So, De-Quan Zhang, Seong-Taek Yun, and Da-Zing Li - 1998, Economic Geology, v93, pp 961-980.
Chatree * - Thailand
  • Geology of the Chatree epithermal gold deposit, Thailand: Diemar M G and Diemar V A - 1999, in Pacrim 99, International Congress on Earth Science, Exploration and Mining Around the Pacific Rim, Proc. Pacrim 99 Conference, Bali, Indonesia, AusIMM, Melbourne, pp 227-231.
Sepon * - Laos
  • Geological setting and characteristics of the Au and Cu deposits in the Sepon Mineral District, Lao PDR: Cromie P W, Manini A J and Zaw K - 2004, in Muhling J et al., - SEG 2004, Predictive Mineral Discovery Under Cover, Extended Abstracts, Centre for Global Metallogeny, The University of Western Australia, Publication No. 33, p 411.
  • Supergene enrichment of the Khanong copper resource, Sepon Project, Lao PDR: Loader S E - 1999, in Pacrim 99, International Congress on Earth Science, Exploration and Mining Around the Pacific Rim, Proc. Pacrim 99 Conference, Bali, Indonesia, AusIMM, Melbourne, pp 263-270.
  • Discovery of the Sepon gold and copper deposits, Laos: Manini A, Aquino J, Gregory C and Aneka S - 2001, in  NewGenGold 2001, Conference Proceedings, AMF, Adelaide, pp 93-107.
Phu Bia * - Laos
  • To be provided later - see the "Geological Summaries" section at the beginning of this collection.
Other Deposits
  • Geology and geochemistry of Carlin-type gold deposits in China; Hu Rui-Zhong, Su Wen Chao, Bi Xian-Wu, Tu Guang-Zhi and Hofstra A H - 2002, in Mineralium Deposita, v. 37, pp 378-392.
  • The Golden Triangle of southeast China: Another Carlin Trend ? Wilde A R - 2003, in SEG Newsletter, Society of Economic Geologists, Denver, No. 55, Oct, 2003, pp 1, 9-12.
* = On tour itinerary

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