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CopperBelts 2014
Sediment Hosted Copper in Africa & Europe
1 to 20 May, 2014
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IOCG Deposits - 70 papers
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  • Formation of Sedimentary Rock-Hosted Stratiform Copper Deposits through Earth History; Hitzman M W, Selley D and Bull S - 2010; Economic Geology, v.105, pp.  627-639.
  • Overview of a New Descriptive Model for Sediment-Hosted Stratabound Copper Deposits; Zientek M L, Hayes T S and Hammarstrom J M - 2013; USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2010-5090-J, pp. 2-16.
Kalahari Copperbelt and Boseto - Botswana *
  • The Kalahari Copperbelt in Central Namibia: Controls on Copper Mineralization; Maiden K J and Borg G - 2011, SEG Newsletter, pp. pp. 1, 14-19.
  • Geology and mineralisation in the Meso- to Neoproterozoic Ghanzi-Chobe Belt of northwest Botswana; Modie B N - 2000, Journal of African Earth Sciences v.30, pp. 467-474.
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment - NI 43-101 Technical Report Ghanzi Copper-Silver Project, Ghanzi District, Botswana Prepared for Hana Mining Ltd. (excerpt); Catterall D, Grant J, Meister S N, Obiri-Yeboa T, Cresswell M and Channon W - 2012,, 18p.
  • Boseto Copper Project, Botswana, Selected images and excerpts from Discovery Metals Limited presentations, releases and investor reports 2010 to 2013; Various, 2010-1013, 10p.
Central African Copperbelt - Overview
  • The Central African Copperbelt: Diverse stratigraphic, structural, and temporal settings in the World's largest sedimentary copper district; Hitzman M W, Broughton D, Selley D, Woodhead J, Wood D and Bull S - 2012, in Hedenquist J W, Harris M and Camus F, 2012 Geology and Genesis of Major Copper Deposits and Districts of the World - A tribute to Richard H Sillitoe, Society of Economic Geologists, Special Publication 16, pp. 487-514.
  • Geochronology and nature of the Palaeoproterozoic basement in the Central African Copperbelt (Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo), with regional implications; Rainaud C, Master S, Armstrong R A and Robb L J - 2005; Journal of African Earth Sciences, v.42, pp. 1-31.
  • Genesis of sediment-hosted stratiform copper-cobalt deposits, Central African Copperbelt; Cailteux J L H, Kampunzu A B, Lerouge C, Kaputo A K and Milesi J P - 2005; Journal of African Earth Sciences, v.42, pp. 134-158.
  • Two Cu-Co sulfide phases and contrasting fluid systems in the Katanga Copperbelt, Democratic Republic of Congo; El Desouky H A, Muchez P and Cailteux J - 2009; Ore Geology Reviews, v.36, pp. 315-332.
  • The Neoproterozoic Mwashya-Kansuki sedimentary rock succession in the central African Copperbelt, its Cu-Co mineralisation, and regional correlations; Cailteux J L H, Kampunzu A B and Lerouge C - 2007; Gondwana Research, v.11, pp. 414-431.
  • Sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Cu deposits in the Central African Copperbelt; Kampunzu A B, Cailteux J L H, Kamona A F, Intiomale M M and Melcher F - 2009; Ore Geology Reviews, v.35, pp. 263-297.
Lumwana - Zambia *
  • The geology and geochemistry of the Lumwana Cu (±Co ±U) deposits, NW Zambia; Bernau R, Roberts S, Richards M, Nisbet B, Boyce A and Nowecki J - 2012, Mineralium Deposita, v.48, pp.137-153.
  • Technical report on the Lumwana Mine, North Western Province, Republic of Zambia; Moore C M, Danio J R and Altman K A - 2012, Excerpt from NI 43-101 Technical Report prepared by Roscoe Postle Associates Inc. for Barrick Gold Corporation,, 21p.
Kansanshi - Zambia *
  • Re-Os and U-Pb dating of the vein-hosted mineralization at the Kansanshi copper deposit, northern Zambia; Torrealday H I, Hitzman M W, Stein H J, Markley R J, Armstrong R and Broughton D - 2000, Economic Geology, v. 95, pp. 1165-1170.

  • Kansanshi copper mine, North West Province, Zambia, Technical report for the update of mineral resources and reserves of the Kansanshi Mine; Gregory J, Journet N, Cameron A and Titley M - 2012, and Gregory J, Journet N, Cameron A and Hanssen G - 2010, Amalgamated excerpts from two NI 43-101 Technical Reports prepared for First Quantum Minerals Limited,, 31p.
Nchanga-Konkola - Zambia *
  • Origin of the Nchanga copper-cobalt deposits of the Zambian Copperbelt; McGowan R R, Roberts S and Boyce A J - 2006, Mineralium Deposita, v.40, pp 617-638 .
  • Remobilisation features and structural control on ore grade distribution at the Konkola stratiform Cu-Co ore deposit, Zambia; Torremans K, Gauquie J, Boyce A J, Barrie C D, Dewaele S, Sikazwe O and Muchez Ph - 2013, Journal of African Earth Sciences, v.79, pp. 10-23.
Mufulira - Zambia *
  • Mufulira Greywackes and Their Associated Sulphides; Annels A E - 1979, Transactions of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Section B, v.88, pp B15-B23

  • Deposition and Diagenetic Environment Related to Sulfide Mineralization, Mufulira, Zambia; van Eden J G -1974, Economic Geology, v.69, pp 59-79.
Nkana-Mindola - Zambia *
  • Metallogenesis of the Nkana copper-cobalt South Orebody, Zambia; Brems D, Muchez Ph, Sikazwe O and Mukumba W - 2009, Journal of African Earth Sciences, v.55, pp. 185-196.
  • Evolution of Cu-Co mineralizing fluids at Nkana Mine, Central African Copperbelt, Zambia; Muchez Ph, Brems D, Clara E, De Cleyn A, Lammens L, Boyce A, De Muynck D, Mukumba W and Sikazwe O - 2010, Journal of African Earth Sciences, v.58, pp. 457-474.
Kinsevere - Democratic Republic of Congo *
  • Kinsevere Copper Project, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo; Booth G, Cameron A, Fahey G and Lawler M - 2010, selected excerpts from an NI 43-101 Technical Report prepared for Anvil Mining Limited,, 18p.
  • Structural geology of the Kinsevere Copper Deposit, DRC; Kazadi Banza - 2012, University of Pretoria, MSc. Thesis, (selected excerpts) 47p.
Tenke-Fungurume - Democratic Republic of Congo *
  • Geology of the Tenke-Fungurume Sediment-Hosted Strata-Bound Copper-Cobalt District, Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo; Schuh W, Leveille R A, Fay I and North R - 2012, in Hedenquist J W, Harris M and Camus F, 2012 Geology and Genesis of Major Copper Deposits and Districts of the World - A tribute to Richard H Sillitoe, Society of Economic Geologists, Special Publication 16, pp. 269-301.
  • Alteration and ore distribution in the Proterozoic Mines Series, Tenke-Fungurume Cu-Co district, Democratic Republic of Congo; Fay I and Barton M D - 2012, Mineralium Deposita , v.47, pp. 501-519.
Kolwezi (Kamoto-KOV) - Democratic Republic of Congo *
  • The setting, geology and mineralisation of the Kolwezi Klippe copper deposits, Katanga Province Democratic Republic of Congo; Kamoto Copper Company SARL internal report, providsed by the Company, with added appendices, 44p.
Kamoa - Democratic Republic of Congo *
  • The Kamoa Copper Deposit, Democratic Republic of Congo: Stratigraphy, Diagenetic and Hydrothermal Alteration, and Mineralization; Schmandt D, Broughton D, Hitzman M W, Plink-Bjorklund P, Edwards D, Humphrey J - 2013, Economic Geology, v.108, pp. 1301-1324.
Mutanda - Democratic Republic of Congo *
  • Mineral experts report: Mutanda; Wimberley F, Onley P, van de Schyff, Cunningham E, Eckstein S, Lotheringen J, Anderson S and Johnstone K - 2011, selected excerpts from an technical report prepared for Glencore International plc by Golder Associates, 15p.
Kupferschiefer Overview - Germany and Poland, and Rudna Mine - Poland *
  • An Overview of the European Kupferschiefer Deposit; Borg G, Piestrzynski A, Bachmann G H, Puttmann W, Walther S and Fiedler M - 2012, in Hedenquist J W, Harris M and Camus F, 2012 Geology and Genesis of Major Copper Deposits and Districts of the World - A tribute to Richard H Sillitoe, Society of Economic Geologists, Special Publication 16, pp. 455-486.
  • Origin of the Kupferschiefer polymetallic mineralization in Poland; Oszczepalski S - 1999, Mineralium Deposita , v.34, pp. 599-613.

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