An AMF-PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Archipelago '97
Copper & Gold Deposits of the
South East Asian Archipelago

13 April - 7 May 1997
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Archipelago'97 Volume 2
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Literature Collection - Supplementary Papers

  • The Porgera gold mine, Papua New Guinea: magmatic hydrothermal to epithermal evolution of an alkalic type precious metal deposit; Richards J P, Kerrich R - 1993, Econ Geol, v88, pp. 1017-1052.

  • Outline of Philippine geology; Mitchell A H G, Leach T M - 1991; in Epithermal Gold in the Philippines: Island Arc Metallogenesis, Geothermal Systems and Geology, Academic Press, pp. 14-53.

  • Ore deposits of the Philippines - An introduction to their geology; Bryner L - 1969, Econ. Geol., v64, pp. 644-666. This paper is dated and difficult to appreciate, but puts the full range of Philippine ore deposits into context.

  • Epithermal and sub-jacent porphyry mineralisation, Acupan, Baguio District, Philippines: a fluid-inclusion and paragenetic study; Cooke D R, Bloom M S - 1990, Jour. Geochem. Explor., v35. pp. 297-340.

  • Magmatic arcs and associated gold and copper mineralisation in Indonesia; Carlile J C, Mitchell A H G - 1994, Jour. Geochem. Expl., v50, pp. 91-142.

  • The Kelian disseminated gold deposit, East Kalimantan, Indonesia; van Leeuwen T M, Leach T, Hawke A A, Hawke M - 1990, Jour. Geochem. Expl., v35, pp. 63-103.

  • Mineralogic, alteration and fluid-inclusion studies of epithermal gold-bearing veins at the Mt Muro prospect, Central Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia; Simmons S F, Browne P R L - 1990, in Hedenquist W J, et al., (Eds), 1994 - Epithermal Gold Mineralisation of the Circum-Pacific: Geology, Geochemistry, Origin and Exploration, Jour. Geochem. Expl., v35, pp. 1-61.

  • The Batu Hijau porphyry copper-gold deposit, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia; Meldrum S J, Aquino R S, Gonzales R I, Burke R J, Suyadi A, Irianto B, Clarke D S, 1994 - Jour. Geochem. Explor., v50 (1994), pp. 203-220.

  • Factors responsible for extreme concentrations of Cu and Au in the Grasberg deposit: A comparative look at the porphyry copper systems of the Ertsberg District, Indonesia; MacDonald G D, Arnold L C - 1995, in Giant Ore Deposits II, QMinEx Dept of Geol Sc, Queens Univ, Kingston Ontario, April 1995, 19p.

  • Skarn Cu-Au orebodies of the Gunung Bijih (Ertsberg) district, Irian Jaya, Indonesia; Mertig H J, Fubin J N, Kyle J R - 1994, Jour. Geochem. Expl., v50, pp. 179-202.

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