An AMF-PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Archipelago '97
Copper & Gold Deposits of the South East Asian Archipelago
13 April - 7 May 1997
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Arriving at Newmont's Batu Hijau Project, Sumbawa, Indonesia

The South-east Asian Archipelago in Indonesia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea embraces some of the most interesting of the world's copper and gold deposits. This tour was aimed at providing an overview of these deposits by visiting a selection of the most significant orebodies. It allowed a comparison of the different ore styles and settings as well as an impression of the comparative prospectivity of the different countries and the operating and investment conditions in each.

As well as the mine/project visits there were three seminars, one in Port Moresby, another in Manila and a third in Jakarta. Each was aimed at providing an overview and context setting to the deposits to be visited and allowing a comparison with the others that were not on the tour schedule. In addition at each there was a presentation on the political, social and regulatory environment in each country of the region.

The tour was available in three modules, with participants being able to take one or more module. The program was as follows:

Papua New Guinea Module - 6 days, from 13 April, 1997
  • Context setting workshop in Port Moresby
  • Ok Tedi Cu-Au
  • Porgera Au
  • Lihir Au
Philippines Module - 10 days, from 18 April, 1997
  • Overview seminar in Manila with the Geological Society of the Philippines
  • Santo Tomas II Cu-Au
  • Guinaoang Cu-Au prospect
  • Lepanto - FSE Cu-Au
  • Acupan-Antamok Au
  • Dizon Cu-Au
Indonesian Module - 9 days, from 28 April, 1997
  • Context setting seminar in Jakarta
  • Mt Muro Au, Kalimantan
  • Grasberg Cu-Au, Irian Jaya
  • Batu Hijau, Sumbawa
The emphasis of the tour was principally geological, although attention was also be devoted to the mining, metallurgy and economics of the operations visited. At the end of each module there was a debriefing session that allowed the participants to discuss what had been achieved from each visit and their overall impressions and conclusions from a comparison of the individual deposits and their context.

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