An AMF-PGC International Study Tour
Developed & Managed by Porter GeoConsultancy
Archaean Gold '97
Archaean Gold & Related Ore Deposits of North America & Africa
4 - 29 July 1997 - In Two Separate Modules
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At Hemlo

This study tour visited a representative selection of the classic gold and related base metal deposits of the two great Archaean gold terranes of the world outside of Australia.

The program comprised:

North American Module - 15 days, from 4 July, 1997

  • Lupin Au - NWT, Canada
  • Traverse of the Giant Section, Yellowknife - NWT
  • Miramar Con Au - NWT
  • Giant Yellowknife Au - NWT
  • Campbell-Red Lake Au - Ontario, Canada
  • Traverse of the Red Lake Greenstone Belt - Ontario
  • Hemlo Au - Ontario
  • Traverse of the Hemlo host sequence - Ontario
  • Manitouwadge Cu-Zn - Ontario
  • Workshop on Canadian Geology & Mineral Deposits , Timmins - Ontario
  • Kidd Creek Cu-Zn - Ontario
  • Surface inspection of Kam Kotia Cu-Zn prospect/mine - Ontario
  • Dome Au - Ontario
  • Bousquet #2/Laronde Au - Quebec, Canada
  • Traverses of the base metal sequence and gold hosts - Quebec
African Module - 5 days, from 21 July, 1997
  • Seminar on African Geology & Gold Deposits - Johannesburg, South Africa
  • East Driefontein Au mine - South Africa
  • Inspection of core through Witwatersrand - Goldfields Exploration, Carltonville, RSA
  • Loraine Au - Free State, South Africa
  • Target Gold Project - Free State, South Africa
  • Agnes Gold Mine - Barberton Mountains, South Africa
  • Briefing on the Geology & Gold Deposits of Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe Geol Survey, Harare.
  • Renco Gold - Zimbabwe
Participants could take either or both modules.

The emphasis of the tour was principally geological, although attention was also be devoted to the mining, metallurgy and economics of the operations visited.

The tour attempted to address the implied association of significant gold and base metal deposits in the regions visited, a phenomena that is common in North America, in contrast to the gold and nickel association more usual in Australia.

For more information, see the associated pages describing the deposits visited and the compilation of literature references on each deposit that is also available on this site via the Archaean Gold Options page.

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