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Andean Porphyries 2017-18
Porphyry Cu & Au in the Andes
23 to 29 April, 2017  and  4 to 18 June 2018
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Andean Porphyries 2018 Lit Collection
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  • Andean Copper Province: Tectonomagmatic Settings, Deposit Types, Metallogeny, Exploration and Discovery; Sillitoe, R.H. and Perello, J. - 2005; in Hedenquist, J.W., Thompson, J.F.H., Goldfarb, R.J. and Richards, J.P., (Eds.), 2005 - Economic Geology, 100th Anniversary volume, Society of Economic Geologists, Denver, pp. 845-890.
  • Cenozoic Tectonics and Porphyry Copper Systems of the Chilean Andes; Mpodozis, C. and Cornejo, P. - 2012; in Hedenquist, J.W., Harris, M. and Camus, F., - 2012; - Geology and Genesis of Major Copper Deposits and Districts of the World - A tribute to Richard, H. Sillitoe, Society of Economic Geologists, Denver, Special Publication 16, pp. 329-360.
  • Orogenic Evolution of the Peruvian Andes: The Andean Cycle; Benavides-Caceres, V. - 1999; Society of Economic Geologists, Denver, Special Publication No. 7, pp. 61-107.
  • Tectonic assembly of the Northern Andean Block; Cediel, F., Shaw, R. P. and Caceres, C. - 2003; in Bartolini, C., Buffler, R. T. and Blickwede, J. (Eds.), 2003, The Circum-Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean: Hydrocarbon habitats, basin formation, and plate tectonics, AAPG Memoir 79, pp. 815-848.
Cerro Verde *
  • Cerro Verde, Santa Rosa y Cerro Negro; Tumialan, P.H., (Ed.) - 2003; in Tumialan, P.H., (Ed.) - 2003; Compendio de Yacimientos Minerales del Peru, Instituto Geologico Minero y Metalurgico, Republic del Peru, Capitulo VII, Porfidos de Cobre, Boletin no. B-10, pp. 137-139, 141 (in Spanish with English translation).
  • 40Ar-39Ar Ages of Hypogene and Supergene Mineralization in the Cerro Verde-Santa Rosa Porphyry Cu-Mo Cluster, Arequipa, Peru; Quang, C.X., Clark, A.H., Lee, J.K.W. and Guillen, B.J. - 2003; Economic Geology, v.98, pp. 1683-1696.
Las Bambas *
  • Porphyry-Style Alteration and Mineralization of the Middle Eocene to Early Oligocene Andahuaylas-Yauri Belt, Cuzco Region, Peru; Perello, J., Carlotto, V., Zarate, A., Ramos, P., Posso, H., Neyra, C., Caballero, A., Fuster, N. and Muhr, R. - 2003; Economic Geology, v.98, pp. 1575-1605.
  • The Las Bambas porphyry cluster in the Andahuaylas-Yauri Batholith, southern Peru; Kelley, D., Wise, J. and Shannon, J. - 2016; in Denver Region Exploration Geologists Society, Technical Presentation, October 3, 2016, Abstracts 2p.
  • Las Bambas Project, Peru, Competent Person Report; selected extracts; Swendseid, T., Addison, R., Acuna, E. and Sousa, R. - 2014; in Competent Person Report, prepared for MMG Limited by RungePincockMinarco, submitted to the Toronto Stock Exchange, pp. IV-2, IV 5-7, IV 33-45, IV 57-59.
Yanacocha *
  • History and Geologic Overview of the Yanacocha Mining District, Cajamarca, Peru; Teal, L. and Benavides, A., - 2010; Economic Geology, v.105, pp. 1173-1190.
  • Evolution of Calc-Alkaline Volcanism and Associated Hydrothermal Gold Deposits at Yanacocha, Peru; Longo, A.A., Dilles, J.H., Grunder, A.L. and Duncan. R., - 2010; Economic Geology, v.105, pp. 1191-1241.
  • Porphyry-epithermal transition, Cajamarca region, northern Peru; Gustafson, L.B., Vidal, C.E., Pinto, R. and Noble, D.C., - 2004; in Sillitoe, R.H., Perello, J. and Vidal, C.E., 2004, Andean metallogeny: new discoveries, concepts, and updates, Society of Economic Geologists, Denver, Ch. 15, pp. 279-299.
  • Geologic Overview of the Yanacocha Mining District, Cajamarca, Northern Peru; Loayza, C. and Reyes, J., 2010; in SIMEXMIN 2010 - IV Brazilian Symposium of Mineral Exploration, Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais - Brazil, May 23rd to 26th, 2010, pdf from, 24p.
Toromocho *
  • Zoned Base Metal Mineralization in a Porphyry System: Origin and Evolution of Mineralizing Fluids in the Morococha District, Peru; Catchpole, H., Kouzmanov, K., Putlitz, B., Seo, J.H. and Fontbote, L. - 2015; Economic Geology, v.110, pp. 39-71.
  • Timing of porphyry (Cu-Mo) and base metal (Zn-Pb-Ag-Cu) mineralisation in a magmatic-hydrothermal system - Morococha district, Peru; Catchpole, H., Kouzmanov, K., Bendezu, A., Ovtcharova, M., Spikings, R., Stein, H. and Fontbote, L. - 2015; Mineralium Deposita, v.50, pp. 895-922.
Antamina *
  • Yacimiento polimetalico de Antamina: Historia, exploracion y geologia (Language: Spanish); O'Connor, K. - 1999; in ProExplo 1999 Proceedings, pp. 231-243.
  • The Lithographic, Stratigraphic, and Structural Setting of the Giant Antamina Copper-Zinc Skarn Deposit, Ancash, Peru; Love, D.A., Clark, A.H. and Glover, J.K. - 2004; Economic Geology, v.99, pp. 887-916.
  • Geology and development history of the Antamina copper-zinc skarn deposit, Peru; Redwood, S.D. - 2004; in Sillitoe, R.H., Perello, J. and Vidal, C.E., 2004, Andean metallogeny: new discoveries, concepts, and updates, Society of Economic Geologists, Denver, Special Publication 11, pp. 259-277.
  • Technical Report, Mineral Reserves and Resources, Antamina Deposit, Perú, 2010; selected extracts; Lozada, L. and Espinoza, J. - 2011; an NI 43-101 Technical Report prepared for Compañía Minera Antamina S.A. and submitted to Toronto Stock Exchange, pp. I, 1-2, 11, 13-31.
Cascabel *
  • High Grade Porphyry Copper-Gold Mineralisation in North-west Ecuador - The Alpala Cu-Au Porphyry Discovery; Rohrlach, B., Poma, O., Rosero, B., Silva, J. and Ward, J. - 2015; in Proceeding, PACRIM 2015 Congress, Hong Kong, China, 18-21 March 2015, The AusIMM, Melbourne, pp. 369-376.
  • A Technical Report on the Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate for the Alpala Deposit, Ecuador; selected extracts, Gilbertson, J., Pittuck, M. and Wills, J. - 2017; an NI 43-101 Technical Report prepared for SolGold PLC and Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc., by SRK Exploration Services Ltd, and submitted to the Toronto Stock Exchange, pp. 1-2, 27-41.
A copy of this literature collection will be provided to each tour participant as background reading as well a series of detailed notes in a separate volume.

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