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Papers describing ore deposits & mineral provinces from around the globe.
From the last ~150 papers entered to the database.
References are listed below under the following Groupings:
Australasia | North America | South America | Africa | Eurasia | SE Asia | General

  • Ahmad, M., Dunster, J.N. and Munson, T.J.,  2013  -  McArthur Basin;   in   Ahmad M and Munson TJ (compilers)    Geology and mineral resources of the Northern Territory Northern Territory Geological Survey   Special Publication 5 pp. 15:1-15:72
  • Anand, R.R.,  2005  -  Boddington gold deposit, Western Australia;   in       crcleme.org.au/RegExpOre/Boddington.pdf    
  • Apukhtina, O.B, Kamenetsky, V.S., Ehrig, K., Kamenetsky, M.B., Maas, R., Thompson, J., McPhie, Cristiana, J., Ciobanu, L. and Cook, N.J.,  2017  -  Early, deep magnetite-fluorapatite mineralization at the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag Deposit, South Australia;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 1531-1542.
  • Babo, J., Spandler, C., Oliver, N.H.S., Brown, M., Rubenach, M.J. and Creaser, R.A.,  2017  -  The High-Grade Mo-Re Merlin Deposit, Cloncurry District, Australia: Paragenesis and Geochronology of Hydrothermal Alteration and Ore Formation;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 397-422.
  • Bowden, B., Fraser, G., Davidson, G.J., Meffre, S., Skirrow, R., Bull, S. and Thompson, J.,  2017  -  Age constraints on the hydrothermal history of the Prominent Hill iron oxide copper-gold deposit, South Australia;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 863-881.
  • Boyd, D.M. and Teakle, M.G.,  2016  -  Thunderbird heavy mineral sand deposit, Western Australia;   in       Trans. IMM (incorp. AusIMM Proc.), Section B, Appl. Earth Sc.   v.125, pp. 128-139
  • Cathelineau, M., Myagkiy, A., Quesnel, B., Boiron, M.-C., Gautier, P., Boulvais, P., Ulrich, M., Truche, L., Golfier, F. and Drouillet, M.,  2017  -  Multistage crack seal vein and hydrothermal Ni enrichment in serpentinized ultramafic rocks (Koniambo massif, New Caledonia);   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 945-960.
  • Cave, B.J., Pitcairn, I.K., Craw, D., Large, R.R., Thompson, J.M. and Johnson, S.C.,  2017  -  A metamorphic mineral source for tungsten in the turbidite-hosted orogenic gold deposits of the Otago Schist, New Zealand;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 515-537.
  • Chen, J., Walter, M.R., Logan, G.A., Hinman, M.C. and Summons, R.E.,  2003  -  The Paleoproterozoic McArthur River (HYC) Pb/Zn/Ag deposit of northern Australia: organic geochemistry and ore genesis;   in       Earth and Planetary Science Letters   v.210, pp. 467-479.
  • Cherry, A.R., McPhie, J., Kamenetsky, V.S., Ehrig, K., Keeling, J.L., Kamenetsky, M.B., Meffre, S. and Apukhtina, O.B.,  2017  -  Linking Olympic Dam and the Cariewerloo Basin: Was a sedimentary basin involved in formation of the world’s largest uranium deposit?;   in       Precambrian Research   v.300, pp. 168-180.
  • Collings, P.S. and El-Ansary, M.,  1987  -  Feasibility Study Estimation of in-situ Resources and Recoverable Ore Reserves for the Boddington Gold Mine;   in       The AuslMM Sydney Branch, Resources and Reserves Symposium, November 1987,    pp. 93-97.
  • Fitzherbert, J.A. and Downes, P.M.,  2015  -  A concise geological history of the Broken Hill region;   in      New South Wales Department of Trade and Investment, Geological Survey of New South Wales, Quarterly Notes,   No. 143, pp. 29-43
  • Fitzherbert, J.A.,  2015  -  Refined peak and retrograde metamorphic isograds for the Broken Hill and Euriowie blocks, NSW;   in      New South Wales Department of Trade and Investment, Geological Survey of New South Wales, Quarterly Notes,    No. 143, pp. 1-27.
  • Fox, N., Cooke, D.R., Harris, A.C., Collett, D. and Eastwood, G.,  2015  -  Porphyry Au-Cu mineralization controlled by reactivation of an arc-transverse volcanosedimentary subbasin;   in       Geology   v.43, pp. 811-814.
  • Goodwin, N.R.J., Burgess, R., Craw, D., Teagle, D.A.H. and Ballentine, C.J.,  2017  -  Noble gases fingerprint a metasedimentary fluid source in the Macraes orogenic gold deposit, New Zealand;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 197-209.
  • Graham, J.L.,  2003  -  Red October gold deposit, Northeast Goldfields, Western Australia;   in   Butt, C.R.M., Cornelius, M., Scott, K.M. and Robertson, I.D.M.,  2003  Regolith Expression of Australian Ore Systems - A compilation of geochemical case histories and conceptual models CRC LEME    3p.
  • Hamilton, A., Campbell, K., Rowland, J. and Browne, P.,  2017  -  The Kohuamuri siliceous sinter as a vector for epithermal mineralisation, Coromandel Volcanic Zone, New Zealand;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 181-196.
  • Howard, G R, Hansen, T, Moore, C, Moffitt, P J, Inglis, R J, Carlson, R D, Kirchner, I, Coupland, D, Leary, S and Tomsett, A,  2000  -  Current Geological Understanding of Telfer Gold Mine;   in       4th International Mining Geology Conference, Coolum, Qld, 14 - 17 May 2000   Conference Proceeings, pp. 135-142.
  • Huang, Q., Kamenetsky, V.S., Ehrig, K., McPhie, J., Kamenetsky, M., Cross, K., Meffre, S., Agangi, A, Chambefort, I., Direen, N.G., Maas, R. and Apukhtina, O.,  2016  -  Olivine-phyric basalt in the Mesoproterozoic Gawler silicic large igneous province, South Australia: Examples at the Olympic Dam Iron Oxide Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit and other localities;   in       Precambrian Research   v.281, pp. 185-199.
  • Huang, Q., Kamenetsky, V.S., Ehrig, K., McPhie, J., Kamenetsky, M.B., Apukhtina, O.B. and Chambefort, I.,  2017  -  Effects of hydrothermal alteration on mafic lithologies at the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit;   in       Precambrian Research   v.292, pp. 305-322.
  • Huang, Q., Kamenetsky, V.S., McPhie, J., Ehrig, K., Meffre, S., Maas, R., Thompson, J., Kamenetsky, M., Chambefort, I., Apukhtina, O. and Hu, Y.,  2015  -  Neoproterozoic (ca. 820-830 Ma) mafic dykes at Olympic Dam, South Australia: Links with the Gairdner Large Igneous Province;   in       Precambrian Research   v.271, pp. 160-172.
  • Hughes, M.J. and Phillips, G.N.,  2015  -  Mineralogical domains within gold provinces;   in       Trans. IMM (incorp. AusIMM Proc.), Section B, Appl. Earth Sc.   v.124, pp. 191-204.
  • Huston, D L, Czarnota, K, Jaireth, S, Williams, N, Maidment, D, Cassidy, K F, Duerden, P and Miggin, D,   2010  -  Mineral systems of the Paterson region;   in   Roach, I C, (ed.),  2010  Geological and Energy implications of the Paterson airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey, Western Australia, Geoscience Australia,   Record 2010/12, pp. 155-218.
  • Ismail, R., Ciobanu, C.L., Cook, N.J., Teale,G.S., Giles, D., Schmidt Mumm, A. and Wade, B.,  2014  -  Rare earths and other trace elements in minerals from skarn assemblages, Hillside iron oxide-copper-gold deposit, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia;   in       Lithos   v.184-187 pp. 456-477
  • Jackson, S., Fredericksen, D., Stewart, M., Vann, J., Burke, A., Dugdale, J. and Bertoli, O.,  2003  -  Geological and Grade Risk at the Golden Gift and Magdala Gold Deposits Stawell, Victoria, Australia;   in       5th International Mining Geology Conference, Bendigo, Vic, 17 - 19 November 2003,   Proceedings, 8p.
  • Jaireth, S., Hoatson, D. and Miezitis, Y.,   2014  -  Geological setting and resources of the major rare-earth element deposits in Australia;   in       Ore Geology Reviews   v.62 pp. 72-128.
  • Klingner, D. and Standing, C.A.,  2016  -  WIM150 mineral sand deposit, Murray Basin, Australia: geology and mineral resources;   in       Trans. IMM (incorp. AusIMM Proc.), Section B, Appl. Earth Sc.   v.125, pp. 121-127.
  • Kontonikas-Charos, A., Ciobanub, C.L., Cook, N.J., Ehrig, K., Krneta, S. and Kamenetsky, V.S.,  2017  -  Feldspar evolution in the Roxby Downs Granite, host to Fe-oxide Cu-Au-(U) mineralisation at Olympic Dam, South Australia;   in       Ore Geology Reviews   v.80, pp. 838-859.
  • Krneta, S., Ciobanub, C.L., Cook, N.J., Ehrig, K. and Kontonikas-Charos, A.,  2016  -  Apatite at Olympic Dam, South Australia: A petrogenetic tool;   in       Lithos   v.262, pp. 470-485.
  • Krneta, S., Cook, N.J., Ciobanub, C.L., Ehrig, K. and Kontonikas-Charos, A.,  2017  -  The Wirrda Well and Acropolis prospects, Gawler Craton, South Australia: Insights into evolving fluid conditions through apatite chemistry;   in       J. of Geochemical Exploration   v.181, pp. 276-291.
  • Lampinen, H.M., Laukamp, C., Occhipinti, S.A., Metelka, V. and Spinks, S.C.,  2017  -  Delineating Alteration Footprints from Field and ASTER SWIR Spectra, Geochemistry, and Gamma-Ray Spectrometry above Regolith-Covered Base Metal Deposits - An Example from Abra, Western Australia;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 1977-2003.
  • Maidment, D.W., Huston, D.L. and Heaman, L.,  2010  -  The age of the Telfer Au-Cu deposit and its relationship with granite emplacement, Paterson Province, Western Australia,;   in       Geoscience Australia Profession Opinion   2010/05, pp. 1-36.
  • Mason, A.J.,  2016  -  The history of mineral sands in the Murray Basin. Is it a new mineral sand frontier - or just more of the same?;   in       Trans. IMM (incorp. AusIMM Proc.), Section B, Appl. Earth Sc.   v.125, pp. 114-120.
  • Mauger, A.J., Ehrig, K., Kontonikas-Charos, A., Ciobanu, C.L., Cook, N.J. and Kamenetsky, V.S.,  2016  -  Alteration at the Olympic Dam IOCG–U deposit: insights into distal to proximal feldspar and phyllosilicate chemistry from infrared reflectance spectroscopy;   in       Australian J. of Earth Sciences   v.63, pp. 959-97.
  • McLellan, J.G., Conn, J., Howe, D. and Gates, K.,  2014  -  Structural controls and strain partitioning in the Red October gold mine, Western Australia;   in      Ninth International Mining Geology Conference, Adelaide, SA, 18-20 August, 2014, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne,   Proceedings, pp. 315-322.
  • McPhie, J., Orth, K., Kamenetsky, V.S., Kamenetsky, M. and Ehrig, K.,  2016  -  Characteristics, origin and significance of Mesoproterozoic bedded clastic facies at the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit, South Australia;   in       Precambrian Research   v.276, pp. 85-100.
  • Phillips, G.N.,  2008  -  Origin of the Broken Hill silver-lead-zinc deposit;   in       AusIMM Bulletin,   October 2008, pp. 32, 34-36, 38.
  • Pirajno, F., Chen, Y-J., Li, N., Li, C. and Zhou, L-M.,  2016  -  Besshi-type mineral systems in the Palaeoproterozoic Bryah Rift-Basin, Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia: Implications for tectonic setting and geodynamic evolution;   in       Geoscience Frontiers   v.7, pp. 345-357.
  • Pirajno, F., Mernagh, T.P., Huston, D., Creaser, R.A., and Seltmann, R.,  2016  -  The Mesoproterozoic Abra polymetallic sedimentary rock-hosted mineral deposit, Edmund basin, Western Australia: Ore Geology Reviews,;   in       Ore Geology Reviews   v.76, pp. 442-462.
  • Quesnel, B., Le Carlier de Veslud, C., Boulvais, P., Gautier, P., Cathelineau, M., and Drouillet, M.,  2017  -  3D modeling of the laterites on top of the Koniambo Massif, New Caledonia: refinement of the per descensum lateritic model for nickel mineralization;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 961-978.
  • Rutherford, L., Hand, M. and Barovich, K.,  2007  -  Timing of Proterozoic metamorphism in the southern Curnamona Province: implications for tectonic models and continental reconstructions;   in       Australian J. of Earth Sciences   v.54, pp. 65-81.
  • Schlegel, T.U., Wagner, T., Boyce, A.J. and Heinrich, C.A.,  2017  -  A magmatic source of hydrothermal sulfur for the Prominent Hill deposit and associated prospects in the Olympic Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) province of South Australia;   in       Ore Geology Reviews   v.89, pp. 1058-1090.
  • Stein, H.J., Markey, R.J., Morgan, J.W., Selby, D., Creaser, R.A., McCuaig, T.C. and Behn, M.,  2001  -  Re-Os Dating of Boddington Molybdenite, SW Yilgarn: Two Au Mineralization Events;   in   Cassidy, K.F., Dunphy, J.M. and Van Kranendonk, M.J.,  2001  4th International Archaean Symposium, Extended Abstracts AGSO/Geoscience Australia   Record 2001/37 pp, 469-471.
  • Verdugo-Ihl, M.R., Ciobanub, C.L., Cook, N.J., Ehrig, K., Courtney-Davies, L. and Gilbert, S.,  2017  -  Textures and U-W-Sn-Mo signatures in hematite from the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag deposit, South Australia: Defining the archetype for IOCG deposits;   in       Ore Geology Reviews   in press pp. NA.
  • Vielreicher, N.M., Groves, D.I. and McNaughton, N.J.,  2016  -  The giant Kalgoorlie Gold Field revisited;   in       Geoscience Frontiers,   v.7, pp. 359-374
  • Wang, R., Cudahy, T., Laukamp, C., Walshe, J.L., Bath, A., Mei, Y., Young, C., Roache, T.J., Jenkins, A., Roberts, M., Barker, A. and Laird, J.,  2017  -  White Mica as a Hyperspectral Tool in Exploration for the Sunrise Dam and Kanowna Belle Gold Deposits, Western Australia;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 1153-1176.
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North America
  • Aird, H.M., Ferguson, K.M., Lehrer, M.L. and Boudreau, A.E.,  2017  -  A study of the trace sulfide mineral assemblages in the Stillwater Complex, Montana, USA;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 361-382.
  • Aleinikoff, J.N., Selby, D., Slack, J.F., Day, W.C., Pillers, R.M., Cosca, M.A., Seeger, C.M., Fanning, C.M. and Samson, I.M.,  2016  -  U-Pb, Re-Os, and Ar/Ar Geochronology of Rare Earth Element (REE)-Rich Breccia Pipes and Associated Host Rocks from the Mesoproterozoic Pea Ridge Fe-REE-Au Deposit, St. Francois Mountains, Missouri;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 1883-1914.
  • Anzalone, S.A., Brown, R.L.,  1992  -  Geology of the Helvetia copper deposit;   in      Presentation to the SME Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, Feb. 24 to 27, 1992, Soc for Min Met & Expl. Inc, Littleton Colorado,    5p.
  • Ayuso, R.A., Slack, J.F., Day, W.C. and McCafferty, A.E.,  2016  -  Geochemistry, Nd-Pb Isotopes, and Pb-Pb Ages of the Mesoproterozoic Pea Ridge Iron Oxide-Apatite–Rare Earth Element Deposit, Southeast Missouri;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 1935-1962.
  • Bell, R.-M., Kolb, J., Waight, T.E., Bagas, L. and Thomsen, T.B.,  2017  -  A Palaeoproterozoic multi-stage hydrothermal alteration system at Nalunaq gold deposit, South Greenland;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 383-404.
  • Childress, T.M., Simon, A.C., Day, W.C., Lundstrom, C.C. and Bindeman, I.N.,  2016  -  Iron Oxygen Isotope Signatures of the Pea Ridge and Pilot Knob Magnetite-Apatite Deposits, Southeast Missouri, USA;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 2033-2044.
  • Corriveau, L., Montreuil, J.-F. and Potter, E.G.,  2016  -  Alteration Facies Linkages Among Iron Oxide Copper-Gold, Iron Oxide-Apatite, and Affiliated Deposits in the Great Bear Magmatic Zone, Northwest Territories, Canada;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 2045-2072.
  • DAngelo, M., Alfaro, M., Hollings, P., Byrne, K., Piercey, S. and Creaser, R.A.,  2017  -  Petrogenesis and Magmatic Evolution of the Guichon Creek Batholith: Highland Valley Porphyry Cu ± (Mo) District, South-Central British Columbia;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 1857-1888.
  • Day, W.C., J.F., Slack, Ayuso, R.A. and Seeger, C.M.,  2016  -  Regional Geologic and Petrologic Framework for Iron Oxide ± Apatite ± Rare Earth Element and Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits of the Mesoproterozoic St. Francois Mountains Terrane, Southeast Missouri, USA;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 1825-1858.
  • Deal, M., Robinson, W., Beasley, L., Nerup, M. and Oduro, I.,  2016  -  Kensington Property: Mesothermal Vein System with Increasing Potential;   in      Roundup 2016: Association of Mineral Exploration British Columbia,   Abstracts, Technical Sessions: Wednesday, pp. 8-9.
  • Domenech, C., Gali, S., Villanova-de-Benavent, C., Soler, J.M. and Proenza, J.A.,   2017  -  Reactive transport model of the formation of oxide-type Ni-laterite profiles (Punta Gorda, Moa Bay, Cuba);   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 993-1010.
  • Enkin, R.J., Corriveau, L. and Hayward, N.,  2016  -  Metasomatic Alteration Control of Petrophysical Properties in the Great Bear Magmatic Zone (Northwest Territories, Canada);   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 2073-2085.
  • Gadd, M.G., Layton-Matthews, D., Peter, J.M., Paradis, S. and Jonasson, I.R.,  2017  -  The world-class Howard’s Pass SEDEX Zn-Pb district, Selwyn Basin, Yukon. Part II: the roles of thermochemical and bacterial sulfate reduction in metal fixation;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 405-419.
  • Hayward, N., Corriveau, L., Craven, J.A. and Enkin, R.J.,   2016  -  Geophysical Signature of the NICO Au-Co-Bi-Cu Deposit and Its Iron Oxide-Alkali Alteration System, Northwest Territories, Canada;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 2087-2109.
  • Hofstra, A.H., Meighan, C.J., Song X.-Y., Samson, I., Marsh, E.E., Lowers, H.A., Emsbo, P. and Hunt, A.G.,  2016  -  Mineral Thermometry and Fluid Inclusion Studies of the Pea Ridge Iron Oxide-Apatite–Rare Earth Element Deposit, Mesoproterozoic St. Francois Mountains Terrane, Southeast Missouri, USA;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 1985-2016
  • Johnson, C.A., Day, W.C. and Rye, R.O.,  2016  -  Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sulfur, and Carbon Isotopes in the Pea Ridge Magnetite-Apatite Deposit, Southeast Missouri, and Sulfur Isotope Comparisons to Other Iron Deposits in the Region;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 2017-2032.
  • Kelley, K.D., Selby, D., Falck, H. and Slack, J.F.,  2017  -  Re-Os systematics and age of pyrite associated with stratiform Zn-Pb mineralization in the Howards Pass district, Yukon and Northwest Territories, Canada;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 317-335.
  • Li, Z, Chi, G., Bethune, K.M., Thomas, D. and Zaluski, G.,  2017  -  Structural Controls on Fluid Flow During Compressional Reactivation of Basement Faults: Insights from Numerical Modeling for the Formation of Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposits in the Athabasca Basin, Canada;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 451-466.
  • Maroun, L.R.C., Cline, J.S., Simon, A., Anderson, P. and Muntean, J.,  2017  -  High-Grade Gold Deposition and Collapse Breccia Formation, Cortez Hills Carlin-Type Gold Deposit, Nevada, USA;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 707-740.
  • Martel, E.,  2017  -  The Importance of Structural Mapping in Ore Deposits—A New Perspective on the Howard’s Pass Zn-Pb District, Northwest Territories, Canada ;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 1285-1304.
  • McCafferty, A.E., Phillips, J.D. and Driscoll, R.L.,  2016  -  Magnetic and Gravity Gradiometry Framework for Mesoproterozoic Iron Oxide-Apatite and Iron Oxide-Copper-Gold Deposits, Southeast Missouri;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 1859-1882.
  • McNamara, G.S., Lesher, C.M. and Kamber, B.S.,  2017  -  New Feldspar Lead Isotope and Trace Element Evidence from the Sudbury Igneous Complex Indicate a Complex Origin of Associated Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization Involving Underlying Country Rocks;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 569-590.
  • Milton, J.E., Hickey, K.A., Gleeson, S.A., Falck, H. and Allaz, J.,  2017  -   In Situ Monazite Dating of Sediment-Hosted Stratiform Copper Mineralization in the Redstone Copper Belt, Northwest Territories, Canada: Cupriferous Fluid Flow Late in the Evolution of a Neoproterozoic Sedimentary Basin ;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 1773-1806.
  • Montreuil, J.-F., Corriveau, L. and Davis, W.J.,   2016  -  Tectonomagmatic Evolution of the Southern Great Bear Magmatic Zone (Northwest Territories, Canada): Implications for the Genesis of Iron Oxide-Alkali–Altered Hydrothermal Systems;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 2111-2138.
  • Montreuil, J.-F., Corriveau, L., Potter, E.G. and De Toni, A.F.,  2016  -  On the Relationship Between Alteration Facies and Metal Endowment of Iron Oxide-Alkali-Altered Systems, Southern Great Bear Magmatic Zone (Canada);   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 2139-2168.
  • Neymark, L.A., Holm-Denoma, C.S., Pietruszka, A.J.,Aleinikoff, J.N., Fanning, C.M., Pillers, R.M. and Moscati, R.J.,  2016  -  High Spatial Resolution U-Pb Geochronology and Pb Isotope Geochemistry of Magnetite-Apatite Ore from the Pea Ridge Iron Oxide-Apatite Deposit, St. Francois Mountains, Southeast Missouri, USA;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.111, pp. 1915-1933.
  • Pisiak, L.K., Canil, D., Lacourse, T., Plouffe, A. and Ferbey, T.,  2017  -  Magnetite as an Indicator Mineral in the Exploration of Porphyry Deposits: A Case Study in Till near the Mount Polley Cu-Au Deposit, British Columbia, Canada;   in       Econ. Geol.   v.112, pp. 919-940.
  • Rezeau, H., Moritz, R. and Beaudoin, G.,  2017  -  Formation of Archean batholith-hosted gold veins at the Lac Herbin deposit, Val-d’Or district, Canada: Mineralogical and fluid inclusion constraints;   in       Mineralium Deposita   v.52, pp. 421-442.
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South-east Asian Archipelago
  • Hoschke, T., Schmeider, S. and Kepli, S.,  2013  -  Geophysics of the Elang Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit, Indonesia, and Comparison with Other Cu-Au Porphyry Systems;   in   Vearncombe, J.,  2013  Bali 2013 East Asia: Geology, Exploration Technologies and Mines, 27-29 May 2013, Bali, Indonesia, Australian Institute of Geoscientists, Symposia, Extended Abstracts,   Bulletin No. 57 - 2013, pp. 34-35.
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  • Richards, J.P.,  2009  -  Postsubduction porphyry Cu-Au and epithermal Au deposits: Products of remelting of subduction-modified lithosphere;   in       Geology   v.37, pp. 247-250.
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