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This option allows you to search our entire reference collection of 4319 selected citations to identify individual papers that satisfy your selection criteria.

The collection is solely composed of papers that describe significant ore deposits or mineral provinces.

You may enter a basic character string query, which interrogates the following fields in each record: 
Author of the paper, Title of the paper, Title of the source publication (if the paper is from a book or compilation), Editor of the source publication, the Journal Name (eg. Econ. Geol.) in the format we have entered and Keywords.

Enter a single word, or a number of words each separated by a space.   The program will search for all words in the one record, and the exact same exact word or words you have entered, not necessarily in the same order, or adjacency.   Examples are:

Single word query - If you enter sulphide, it will find all references with sulphide in one or more of the fields listed above.  It will  NOT  find records with sulphides or sulphidation if the exact word sulphide is not also present.
Multiple word query - If you enter copper disseminated Chile, the system will find all references that include ALL of those exact same three words, in any order, and in any of the fields listed above.   It will  NOT  find references that do not have all of the words you have entered.

NOTE:   *   trucation is NOT supported

We suggest searches be kept simple.   If you get too large a selection, you can always re-enter you query with more detail from the results page to reduce the number.

All of the records have been keyworded.   As the papers within the collection have been selected because they describe ore deposits, the keywording is based on the characteristic of the deposit(s) each of the paper covers.

Each record should be keyworded on the following:  
Continent, Country, State/Province (for larger countries), Deposit Name, Deposit Type (eg. porphyry, VMS/VHMS, Epithermal, etc.,), Type of Mineralisation (eg, massive sulphides, disseminated, vein, etc.,), Style of Mineralisation, (eg. stratabound, discordant, pipe, breccia hosted, laterite/saprolite, supergene, chalcocite blanket, supergene oxide, etc.,), Technique or subject discussed (eg. geology, geochemistry, metallogeny, tectonics, structure, etc.,) and Commodity/metal

KEYWORD LIST (each keyword or phrases is separated by *, notes in [ ], keywords may be combined to form additional phrases)

Style:   * Alkalic * Alluvial, placer * Astrobleme-associated Mafic Sill like Intrusive Sulphide, Sulfide Nickel * Banded Iron Formation, BIF * Broken Hill type * Carbonate hosted * Carbonatite * Carlin type * Chalcocite blanket * Conglomerate hosted * Continental, Rift Flood Basalt Associated Sill, Dyke, Dike, Sulphide, Sulfide Nickel * Detrital, canga * Eluvial, residual * Epithermal * Enriched bedded ore [Iron] * Evaporites, playa lake * Fine invisible gold * Gossan * Greenstone belt gold * Greisen * Heavy Mineral Sands * High grade hematite * High sulphidation, sulfidation * Hypogene ore * Ilmenite * Intrusion related * IOCG, Iron Oxide Copper Gold * Iron formation gold * Kimberlite * Komatiite Hosted Nickel Sulphide, Sulfide, volcanic flows, intrusions * Layered mafic complex * Leached cap * Low sulphidation, sulfidation * Magmatic cumulates, accumulations * Magmatic nickel - copper sulphide * Magnetite-hematite * Martite-goethite * Metamorphic hosted * Nickel laterite, oxide * Nickel laterite, silicate * Ophiolite * Orogenic gold * Pisolitic, goethite, channel iron deposit * Porphyry * Roll front * Rutile * Sediment hosted copper * Sediment hosted gold * Shale hosted, sediment hosted, SEDEX * Siderite * Skarn * Slate belt * Supergene enrichment * Supergene exotic secondary ore * Supergene oxide ore * Tabular sandstone hosted uranium * Unconformity vein-type * VMS,VHMS * Volcanic hosted * Witwatersrand style * Zircon *

Form:   * Breccia hosted * Breccia ore * Caldera * Deformed * Diatreme * Discordant, transgressive * Disseminated sulphide, sulfide * Fault controlled * Laterite, Saprolite * Massive sulphide, sulfide * Pegmatite hosted * Pipe * Pisolites, pisolitic * Shear controlled * Sheeted veins * Stockwork * Stratabound, stratiform * Stringer * Solution collapse * Vein, Shoot *

General:   * Geochemistry * Geochronology * Geology * Geophysics, Airborne * Geophysics Electrical * Geophysics Gravity * Geophysics Ground * Geophysics Magnetic * Geophysics Radiometric * Metallogeny * Metallurgy * Mineralogy * Mining * Tectonics, Structure *

Commodity:   * Antimony, Sb * Asbestos * Barite, Barytes, Ba Bauxite, Aluminium, Al * Bismuth, Bi * Boron, Borate, B * Chromium,Chromite, Cr * Cobalt, Co * Copper, Cu * Diamonds * Fluorite, F * Gems * Gold, Au * Iron, Fe * Kaolin * Lead, Pb * Lithium, Li * Magnesium, Magnesite, Mg * Manganese, Mn * Mercury, Hg * Molybdenum, Mo * Nickel, Ni * Palladium, Pd * Phosphate, P * Platinum, Pt * Platinum Group Elements, PGE, PGM * Pyrite, FeS2 * Rare Earth Elements, REE * Silica, SiO2 * Silver, Ag * Talc * Tantalum, Ta * Tin, Sn * Titanium, Ti * Tungsten, W * Uranium, U * Vanadium, V * Zinc, Zn * Zirconium *