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This option allows you to choose the broad region and commodity group that is of interest to you and to list and browse the papers involved.

Papers in the Collection - These have been assembled by scanning the international literature to identify papers specifically describing ore deposits, including those in our International Study Tour Collection.   Each of these papers has been included in both a Commodity Group and a Geographic Region listing.
Every paper is also linked to one or more of the ore deposits in the PorterGeo Database, and is listed in the bibliography that follows the geological summary included in those database entries.   This database may also be accessed via the "Search by Ore Deposit Name" option on the "Selection Options" page.

You may browse and select from both the listings of the individual papers, as follows:

Geographic Region - The individual papers have each been grouped into one or more of 6 Geographic Regions, namely Australasia and Oceania, South-east Asian Archipelago (which overlaps with Australasia), Eurasia, Africa, South America and North America.   You may click or touch one Geographic Region button to list papers relevant to that region. The listing for each Region will be subdivided by Commodity Group. When you have finished with one collection you can return via the New Search tab to the Listing Options page to select more.
Commodity Group - The individual papers have each been grouped into one or more of 7 Commodity Groups, namely Gold and/or Silver,   Copper and/or Molybdenum (with or without accompanying Au, Co or U),   Nickel and/or PGE and/or Chromite and/or Vanadium (with or without accompanying Cu),   Lead and/or Zinc (with or without accompanying Cu, Ag or Au),   Iron or Manganese,   Diamonds or Gems,   and   Other Minerals (which includes Uranium, Tin, Tungsten, Heavy Minerals, Industrial Minerals, Bauxite, Borax, etc.),   You may click or touch one Commodity Group button to list papers relevant commodity, as in the previous point. The listing for each Commodity Group will be subdivided by Region.