Macraes Flat - Frasers, Round Hill

South Island, New Zealand

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The Macraes Flat gold deposits are within the Otago Schist Belt of the South Island of New Zealand, just over 50 km NNE of Dunedin.

The 120 km wide, generally NW trending, arcuate Otago Schist Belt extends across the island for 280 km from the major NE-SW trending Alpine fault near the north-west margin, to the south-east Pacific coast.   It is composed of regionally metamorphosed and deformed, Palaeozoic, mainly quartzo-feldspathic rocks of prehnite-pumpellyite grade near the margin to upper greenschist facies in the Macraes Flat district.   To the west of, but not within the Otago Schist Belt the lower grade sediments are intruded regionally by the north-south trending, 10 000 sq. km, 158 to 132 Ma Jurassic to Cretaceous Median Batholith.

In the Macraes Flat district, ductile deformation produced large recumbent folds, while more brittle features are associated with regional uplift, including low angle thrust zones.   These features result from Mesozoic compression, Cretaceous to middle Tertiary extension and a later period of upper Tertiary to Recent compression.

There are no indications of igneous activity in the Macreas Flat area.

Gold deposits in the district are spatially related to the Hyde-Macraes shear zone, a low angle NW-SE trending duplex thrust system.   The shear zone is occuppied by an up to 100m wide carbonaceous intershear pelite which hosts the gold, separating hangingwall and footwall psammites.   Well developed shears are found near both the hangingwall and footwall of this pelite.

A number of vein types are recognised, the dominant ore bearing types being the hangingwall shear, flat, lateral ramp and stockwork veins.   These veins all cut the regional schistosity.   The stockwork veins are the oldest part of the hydrotherma system, followed by flat and ramp veins.   The hangingwall shear veins formed early but have been influenced by late deformation.

Gold mineralisation exhibits a strong correlation with quartz veining and is rarely seen in the adjacent wall rocks.   Gold in stockwork veins averages 6 g/t, while ramp veins irregularly carry up to 20 g/t Au and are more auriferous than the flat veins (2 to 4 g/t Au).   Minor late quartz-carbonate veining cuts all of the above and post date mineralisation.

Total mine production to 2000 from the various Macraes Flat deposits, which are distributed over a trend length of around 10 km, was:   24 Mt @ 1.73 g/t Au for near 42 tonnes of contained gold.

Reserves in 2000, mainly from the Frasers deposit, totalled:   41.8 Mt @ 1.65 g/t Au for 69 tonnes of contained gold.

The total field production+reserve therefor is 65.8 Mt @ 1.68 g/t Au for 111 tonnes of gold. (de Ronde, et al., 2000).

For more detail consult the reference(s) listed below.

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 2000.    
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
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  References & Additional Information
   Selected References:
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Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd (PorterGeo) provides access to this database at no charge.   It is largely based on scientific papers and reports in the public domain, and was current when the sources consulted were published.   While PorterGeo endeavour to ensure the information was accurate at the time of compilation and subsequent updating, PorterGeo takes no responsibility what-so-ever for inaccurate or out of date data, information or interpretations.

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