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The Nabeba iron deposit is located ~40 km to the south of the Cameroon border within the Republic of Congo, ~45 km to the south of the Mbalam deposit in Cameroon, 130 km NE of the Belinga deposit in Gabon and 62 km east of the Avima deposit also in the Republic of Congo (#Location: 1° 50' 4"N, 13° 54' 16"E).

These deposits lie on the northwestern section of the Congo craton where a broad upwarp of the du Chaillu granite-greenstone terrane stretch across Gabon, into the Congo and into Cameroon to the north where it grades into the Ntem charnockite terrane.

For details of the regional setting and geology, see the separate Mbalam record.

At Nabeba, the supergene high grade ore forms a horizontal layer that varies from ~50 to 135 m in thickness and forms the capping to mesas. It is overlain by a 0 to 15 m thick surficial zone, containing high levels of alumina (4.9%), and underlain by a thin, but discrete, up to 20 m transition or sub-grade zone characterised by elevated silica and alumina levels. This is immediately underlain by the steeply dipping and deformed hypogene schistose itabirite occupying widths of ~1 km.

Three deposits have been delineated, Nabeba Main, Nabeba Northwest and Nabeba South, with ~90% of the known resource in the former.

Published JORC compliant resources in 2013 (Sundance Resources ASX release) were:
      Indicated resource of high grade hematite ore: 545.9 Mt @ 57.6% Fe, 7.2% SiO2, 4.8% Al2O3,
          0.11% P, 4.6% LOI
      Inferred resource of "itabirite" hematite ore: 1.714 Gt @ 34.1% Fe, 42.3% SiO
2, 2.7% Al2O3,
          0.05% P, 2.6% LOI.

Published JORC compliant ore reserves in May 2015 (Sundance Resources ASX release) were:
      Probable reserves of high grade hematite ore: 328 Mt @ 62.2% Fe, 4.09% SiO
2, 2.80% Al2O3,
          0.10% P, 3.35% LOI.

The Nabeba Northwest and Nabeba South deposits contain 27.9 and 7.6 Mt of probable reserves respectively at similar grades.

These resources are planned to be exploited as part of a combined operation, including the Mbalam deposit in Cameroon to the north. This would include the construction of a 510 km railway line dedicated to the transport of iron ore through Cameroon to a port at Lolabe on the Cameroon Atlantic coast and a 70 km rail spur line from Mbalam connecting the Nabeba mine in Congo.

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 2010.    
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
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