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Main commodities: Ni Cu
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The Sinclair nickel deposit is located ~90 and 65 km SSE of the Cosmo deposit and Leinster respectively in Western Australia (#Location: 28° 21' 59"S, 120° 51' 52"E).

The Sinclair Nickel Deposit is an extensively deformed nickel sulphide ore body associated with komatiitic volcanic rocks within the major, curvilinear, north-south to NNE-WSW trending Wildara shear zone running to the west of the Mount Clifford-Marshall Pool area. It predominantly consists of tectonically remobilised massive sulphide ores associated with relatively thin boudinaged and folded komatiitic host rocks, and shows some strong similarities with the Rocky's Reward and Harmony deposits in the Leinster area (Barnes, 2006).

The pre-mining JORC compliant ore reserves and mineral resources (Xstrata Nickel, 2010) at 31 December 2009, at a cut-off of 1.5% Ni, were:
  TOTAL Measured + indicated resource - 0.92 Mt @ 2.66% Ni;
    Inferred resource - 0.70 Mt @ 2.1% Ni;
  TOTAL Proved + probable reserve - 0.71 Mt @ 2.36% Ni.

Remaining JORC compliant ore reserves and mineral resources (Xstrata Nickel, 2012) at 31 December 2011, at a cut-off of 1.5% Ni, were:
    Measured resource - 0.55 Mt @ 2.87% Ni;
    Indicated resource - 0.49 Mt @ 2.56% Ni;
  TOTAL Measured + indicated resource - 0.92 Mt @ 2.66% Ni
        (depleted to 0.55 Mt @ 2.47% Ni, 0.1% Cu at 31-Dec-2012);
    Inferred resource - 0.30 Mt @ 2.2% Ni (unchanged at at 31-Dec-2012);
    Proved reserve - 0.29 Mt @ 2.02% Ni;
    Probable reserve - 0.32 Mt @ 1.93% Ni;
  TOTAL Proved + probable reserve - 0.61 Mt @ 1.97% Ni
      (depleted to 0.25 Mt @ 2.02% Ni, 0.13% Cu at 31-Dec-2012).

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 2012.    
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
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