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The Shatyrkul shear-controlled, porphyry-related copper-gold-silver deposit is located within Zhambyl province of Kazakhstan, ~500 km SW of Balkash, 220 km WNW of Almaty and 42 km east of the regional town of Shu (#Location: 43° 36' 26"N, 74° 15' 05"E).

Mineralisation at Shatyrkul is contained within steep shear zones, associated with potassic alteration, in two intersecting structures spread over a 5 km strike length.

The deposit is hosted within an extensive Caledonian orogenic event, represented by quartz-syenodiorite, granodiorite and a range of other granitoid intrusions, with mineralisation controlled by a number of defined tectonic crush zones and associated intense hydrothermal alteration.

The main tectonically controlled ore zone trends NE-SW over a 5 km strike length, and comprises five, tabular ore shoots. These shoots, which occupy ~60% of the structure, are near vertical, or dip steeply to the west and range from 0.25 to 29.2 m in thickness. Ore has been defined to a depth of ~700 m below the surface.

A second ore zone branches from the main lode in the south, with a sinuous northerly trend for ~4 km, to form a western zone of mineralisation. This zone dips at ~45°E to intersect the main zone at depth and to the south. The granodiorite country rock to both ore zones is heavily altered between the two.

Oxide mineralisation is evident at surface, and generally persists to a depth of up to 40 m, although locally may be observed to 100 m. The principal hypogene minerals are chalcopyrite, magnetite, hematite, quartz and calcite.

The total measured + indicated resource at Shatyrkul (IMC Consultants for Kazakhmys plc, 2011 is:
    23.65 Mt @ 3.43% Cu, 0.82 g.t Au, 2.99 g/t Ag.

This summary is sourced from: IMC Group Consulting Limited, 2011. Competent Persons Report on the Mining Assets of Kazakhmys Plc, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Appendix III, 342p.

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 2011.    
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
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