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The Borly porphyry copper deposit is located in the Lake Balkhash region of Kazakhstan, 60 km north of Balkhash City and 45 km to the northwest of the major Kounrad mine. It lies within the 'Balkhash-Ili' zone of the Upper Palaeozoic Kazakh-Mongol magmatic arc (#Location: 47° 31' 22"N, 73° 57' 16"E).

Borly is centred on the Carboniferous Borlinksy intrusive body which is an apophysis of the larger Kyzylzhalsky pluton. The intruded sequence includes a suite of rhyolitic to dacitic tuffs, litho-crystalline tuffs, lavas and subvolcanic rocks of the Lower Carboniferous Karkaralinskaya Formation, overlain by the Middle to Upper Carboniferous Keregetass Formation, a sequence of dacitic and sometimes trachy-dacitic or andesitic to dacitic ignimbrites, vitric-tuffs, tuffaceous lavas, lavas and sub-volcanic rocks.

The Borlinksy intrusive/apophysis contains three petrofacies, the first being quartz diorite. The second and dominant facies is a biotite-amphibole granodiorite, while the third is a light-coloured granite-porphyry. These petrofacies are cut by a granodiorite pluton with a complex dendritic texture. The intrusion of the latter was accompanied by intense cryptoexplosive brecciation, hydrothermal alteration, and formation of quartz-sulphide stockworks. The youngest magmatic assemblage comprises alkaline granite porphyry dykes and subvolcanic rocks of the Early Permian Zhaksitagalinsky complex (Abdulin et al., 1998).

Two separate, elongated ore zones have been delineated, both striking north to northwesterly and dipping steeply to the northeast. The central orebody is 800 m long, 15 to 340 m wide and has been traced to a depth of between 200 and 460 m, while the eastern zone is 260 x 50 to 150 m at surface and persists to a depth of 120 m. The principal alteration style accompanying mineralisation is quartz-sericite with associated chlorite and carbonates. The sulphide assemblage comprises pyrite, chalcopyrite and molybdenite with minor sphalerite, tetrahedrite, tennantite, galena, magnetite, bornite, chalcocite and pyrrhotite.

The deposit comprises ~175 Mt @ 0.34% Cu, 0.011% Mo, 0.03 g/t Au, 3.4 g/t Ag.

Note: these figures are based on a contained copper tonnage and grade consistent with 175 Mt of ore (Chen et al., 2010), although earlier sources Seltmann et al. (2004) and Singer et al. (2008), both quote figures that require of ~94 Mt of ore. The grades of Cu and Mo are consistent in all three sources, while the Au grade, which Seltmann et al. (2004) quote from MMAJ, 1997; Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan, Copper deposits of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 1998 is independently verified. The Ag grade is from Singer et al. (2008).

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 2010.    
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
© Copyright Porter GeoConsultancy Pty Ltd.   Unauthorised copying, reproduction, storage or dissemination prohibited.


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