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The Rogozha lateritic nickel deposit is located near the town of Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) in the central Urals of the Russian Federation, and is just to the north of the Volkovo Cu deposit (see separate record).

Rogozha is a crescent shaped-linear deposit developed as a gently dipping planar body within a crush zone, overlain by un-lateritised rock. It lies on the northern margin of a peridotitic-serpentinite complex. The texture and morphology of the deposit are determined by a system of joints/fractures which strike at 60 to 65° and dip south-eastwards at 60°. This zone of fracturing has been traced in drilling to depths of 300 m.

The zone of fracturing defines a crush zone that is 120 to 140 m wide. The orebody has been formed in the weathered crush zone where it cuts the serpentinite, and are best developed in the upper sections of the deposit, in the centre of the crush zone. The ochreous-siliceous zone comprises the principal Ni bearing ore, generally being 2 to 28 m thick. The mineralogy is hydrogoethite, goethite, limonite, hydrohematite, quartz, halloysite and hydrous oxides of Mn (Smirnov, 1977).

The orebody dips at 50 to 55°, with a strike length of 160 m and down dip extent of 120 m vertically. Ore is continuous near the surface, but is dismembered in the lower sections. The average assay values of the ochreous-siliceous zone is: 0.86% Ni; 0.098% Co; 13.3% SiO2 ; 65.1% Fe2O3; 4.0% MgO ; 9.5% Al2O3 (Smirnov, 1977).

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 1996.    
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