Limpopo (Northern) Province, South Africa

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The Marula platinum mine, is located near the town of Burgeresfort in Limpopo Province, South Africa. The mine is operated by Marula Platinum Limited, a member of the Implats Group.

Marula has reserves of platinum mineralisation within both the Merensky Reef and UG2 Chromitite in the Critical Zone of the Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Complex. For details of the Complex and the position and characteristics of the Critical zone and the Merensky Reef and the UG2, refer to the Bushveld Complex entry.

At Marula the UG2 and Merensky orebodies have an average dip of 13° to the southwest,with a vertical separation of approximately 400 metres. While one prominent dyke and a dunite pipe are present, there is minimal faulting on the property.

The mining operation is initially concentrating on the UG2 orebody, with substantial resources having also been outlined in the Merensky Reef.

  The Probable UG2 Mineral Reserve in June 2004 was 41.3 Mt @ 4.76 g/t PGE+Au.
  The Indicated UG2 Mineral Resource in June 2004 was 22.4 Mt @ 9.27 g/t PGE+Au.
  The Indicated Merensky Mineral Resource in June 2004 was 44.2 Mt @ 5.47 g/t PGE+Au.

The PGE+Au split is:   Pt=36.8%;   Ru=11.3%;   Pd=40.4%;   Ir=2.6%;   Rh=7.7%;   Au=1.2%. Overall recovery rates are in the region of 87%.

The most recent source geological information used to prepare this summary was dated: 2004.    
This description is a summary from published sources, the chief of which are listed below.
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